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Author: Phoenix Recording

Hip Hop Beat "Suicidal Android" Producer - Damian Aletniq

Buy Exclusive Hip Hop Beats and Instrumental Beats from Professional Hip Hop producers in Hollywood, CA
. This Hip Hop Beat is called "Suicidal Android" and was created by Hip Hop producer Damian Aletniq in recording studios in Los Angeles, CA using Pro Tools, Motif and Yamaha MOX. This is an up tempo beat with a lot of futuristic sounding synth pads and synth leads. This instrumental already has a built in melody and catchy riffs in the chorus. Rappers and singers alike should find a lot of room to breathe on this track. If you need custom beats, contact us

Pop Instrumental "SludgeHammer"

This Pop Instrumental Beat is called "SludgeHammer" and was created by one of the best Hip Hop producers in Phoenix, AZ - Damian Aletniq. This beat is upbeat and bright with many melodies layered on top of each other. It has a lot of hit potential in the right hands. Rappers and singers are encouraged to attack this unique sound. Contact us if you need modifications made to the beat.

Futuristic Dubstep Beat "Gurdz"

This futuristic Dubstep beat is called "Gurdz" and was built by a Hip Hop producer in Phoenix, AZ named Damian Aletniq using the Yamaha MOX,  Pro Tools and Reason.  It has a mix of Dubstep and Trap at a fast pace. This is truly a futuristic beat that means business and requires a truly talented rapper. The beat is up tempo and has some interesting breaks and sound effects. Click the "buy" button in the music player above to buy this beat.

Dubstep Beat "Brownded"

This Dubstep beat was created by Music Producer Damian Aletniq using Pro Tools, Motif, and Reason 6.  This instrumental has a modern sound with multiple layers of synthesizers and really good low end bass sounds. Rappers looking for futuristic beats should really like this sound.