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Autotune and Gangsta Tactics

Singers who can't sing are a dime a dozen. If you use Autotune to keep from cringing instead of as an effect, you probably need to practice with a vocal coach. Going into a recording studio without being prepared is like going to the prom wearing nothing but Chuck Taylors and a g-string. You'll stand out, but for all the wrong reasons. No matter how long you have been in the music business, a good musician should always practice his/her basics and be able to take direction from others.

A great musicians journey is a humble trail to follow. Not all great musicians live the life of luxury. As a matter of fact, most notable musicians throughout history have died in poverty and in debt, or not being fully recognized for their talent until after their death - Most recently, Tupac Shakur, Darell "Dimebag" Lance Abbott and Selena Quintanilla. It doesn't matter if you are a Grammy winning, Platinum selling artist or just another Myspace reject. The end game is all about the ART - the MUSIC - the SOUND. Being able to touch another persons soul with your sonic creations is priceless and timeless. It's not all about the money. It's not all about conquering the market. It's about making great music and loving every minute of it.

Corporations and gangsters have had control of the the music business for a long time. From Frank Sinatra and La Cosa Nostra, to Justin Timberlake and Disney . Money and power drive the business. Controversy perpetuates the business. Sex and drugs run the business. How many talentless hot chics and steroid induced thugs do you see running around on MTV? Too many to count. Do any of them deliver music that is unique to our times? A few, but not many. The music business is now turning to the web for a fresh batch of talent. The music business is suffering because of file sharing sites that allow free illegal downloads of copy written music and independent artists who distribute their own products through networking sites, Rhapsody and iTunes. Today's music market is left wide open for independent artists to emerge as ground-breaking entrepreneurs. Unique musical ideas, as opposed to profits will be the wave of the future and become the norm in the 21st Century.

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