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New Jay-Z Nas Remix "Success" by CT Aletniq

Buy the beat with no vocals here:

 I remixed Jay Z and Nas "Success" with a futuristic Hip Hop beat that has Dubstep and Electro elements blending into the beat. This is one of the hardest beats you will hear all year. Can you get on it?


New Jay-Z Remixes

Aletniq "King In My World" West Coast Hip Hop Artists

Aletniq - "King In My World"

  • Music created by Damian Aletniq in Los Angeles, CA
  • Beat created by Caddy Beats in Portland, OR
  • Rappers: Damian Aletniq and Derek Aletniq.
  • Produced by CT Aletniq

Music recorded and mixed in recording studios in Hollywood, CA; Portland, OR and Phoenix, AZ.

Aletniq "Rock This Land" Phoenix Hip Hop

Song written and recorded in recording studios in Phoenix, AZ.

  • Phoenix Recording LLC
  • Mind Under Craze

Mixed and mastered in recording studios in Hollywood, CA. Phoenix Recording LLC

Rappers in order of Appearance:

  • CT Aletniq
  • Damian Aletniq
  • Derek Aletniq

Charisma Dell - "Rise From The Ashes"


This song was made in recording studios in Phoenix, AZ by music producer CT Aletniq and Female Pop Singer Charisma Dell.

Song title: "Rise From The Ashes"

Music written by CT Aletniq

Lyrics written by Charisma Dell

Producer - CT Aletniq