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Aletniq - Keep On Rockin - Phoenix Hip Hop

Music and Lyrics by Aletniq - Based in Phoenix, AZ; These futuristic Hip Hop producers continue to push the boundaries of Hip Hop and Chicano Rap;

  • HD Mastering by John Vestman - Los Angeles, CA
  • Video edited by Damian Aletniq.

Charisma Dell - "Take Me Down"

This song was made in recording studios in Phoenix, AZ by music producer CT Aletniq and Charisma Dell.

  • Song title: "Take Me Down"
  • Music written by CT Aletniq
  • Lyrics written by Charisma Dell
  • Producer - CT Aletniq
  • HD Mastering - John Vestman - Los Angeles, CA

Charisma has a really powerful voice and broad range. She is open to all styles of music and has the ability to bring shine to any track. New songs dropping soon. Follow us on Twitter for new tracks @PhxRecording