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Why Buy Beats When I Can Get Free Beats Online?

The best websites who sell Hip Hop beats not only sell the mp3 at 320 Kbps but they also offer the same beat at 16 bit (cd quality) and "tracked out" in 24 bit WAV format. This is the best option because you will have all the individual tracks used to make the beat at cd quality or better. When you take these files to a professional recording studio, the engineer or producer will have all the files necessary to make a radio ready mix. Prices for these files vary but the industry standard is anywhere from 100.00 on up to 1,000.00 for exclusive rights to the beat. New technology has made it easy to buy exclusive Hip Hop beats online.

Hip Hop instrumentals and Hip Hop beats for sale can be found all over the Internet for low prices and sometimes free. Most sites allow the download of an mp3 file of the stereo instrumental. 320 Kbps is the best file format for mp3 because it is near cd quality. Websites who offer Hip Hop instrumentals do this to save room on the server. Be careful, many sites only offer their mp3 instrumentals at 128 Kbps. This low quality mp3 can hurt the sound of your overall mix since you will be recording vocals at 24 bit when you take your track to the studio.

Making Hip Hop or Dance beats requires a lot of expensive computer gear and software. Some artists take it upon themselves to make their own beats. This is great and I encourage all musicians to push your skills to the limit but some artists would rather buy their instrumentals from a professional beat maker so that they get that professional radio ready mix. Even pros who make their own beats are in the market to buy a hot beat if it hits their taste. Rappers and singers should always keep their options open when it comes to buying beats online. Serious artists will spend the extra money and get the WAV files because they know that it is a superior product.

Sometimes the beat you like has just one sound in it that doesn't fit your vision for the song. When you buy the beat as a "tracked out" WAV package, your producer can mute that track out and replace it with something that fits your song better. The more tracks you have when you buy beats, the more options you have when you do the final mix of your song. When you pay 99.00 for a beat, you get a bargain because the end product will sound like the songs you hear on the radio. There are many sites that offer free beats but paying the extra money will be apparent when you release that track. Remember, you get what you pay for. Do not skimp on the technology. Sound quality is second only to a great vocal performance when it comes to making professional sounding music.

Sites that sell beats or instrumentals usually put a sound tag on them to keep people from bootlegging the beat. The audio tag usually consists of a vocalist "plugging" or shouting out the website name or producers name over the track. Many new artists will just record over this track to avoid paying the producer who made the beat. This is a bad idea. When beat makers and record producers can't make money, they will stop offering the service. Making music has become very affordable with  new technology, there is no excuse for artists to steal beats from hard working professionals. Pay for your beats and not only will you have a superior product but you will ensure that your favorite  sites that offer exclusive Hip Hop beats for sale stay up and able to provide you with professional sounding instrumentals for years to come.