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Our team of musicians, recording engineers and music producers work in the best recording studios in Phoenix, AZ  and Los Angeles, CA. We make Hip Hop beats and Pop instrumentals for artists world wide. Whether you make Dubstep, Hip Hop, Pop, Rock, EDM  or Jazz - we have the most experienced musicians, producers and technology to make your project come to life. Working with great record producers ensures that your music will sound its best without wasting time or money. Phoenix Recording is able to work with any budget and financing is available at select recording studios.  Give us a call now!  We now offer HD Separations Mastering. Contact us for details.


Why Hire a Music Producer to Record Your Demo, Mixtape or Album?

The simple answer is - The song, album or mixtape will sound better and cost less to produce.

The knowledge that an experienced music producer provides can save a significant amount of time spent in the recording studio. A professional music producer will make sure that all musicians, hired or otherwise are properly rehearsed and ready to perform in a professional recording studio environment.

Deadlines always have to be met and when you get into the studio, being prepared is very important. The record producer always stays focused on the sound the artist looks to achieve and keeps all parties involved on task and adhering to time constraints. Recording an album, demo or Rap mixtape can be easy when the right music producers are involved.

You can now download instrumentals directly from the site. Visit the Beats page and listen to our Hip Hop beats for sale.  We have Hip Hop producers making beats daily so check back often or follow us on Twitter or Instagram. @PhoenixRecording @PhxRecording

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