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How To Buy Instrumentals Online.

When you set out to buy beats online there are many things to consider. Sound quality is one of the most important aspects of any song and if the website you are downloading beats from does not offer wav versions of your files, then you should consider finding a website that offers the "tracked out" version of the beat in at least 16 bit format or better. This will cost you anywhere from 100 dollars a song on up to 500 for an exclusive beat. Some sites only offer mp3 versions of the instrumental. This will significantly degrade the quality of the overall production of the song.

Mp3 technology compresses a stereo track to allow for streaming across the Internet. An mp3 encoded at 320 Kbps is near cd quality but takes up much more server space than an mp3 encoded at 192 Kbps. Many websites selling beats only offer the lesser quality mp3 files and that can be a major problem when trying to create a "radio ready" mix. Serious musicians should not confuse the technologies used to stream music with the technology to make a song sound professional and radio ready. Spend the extra money on the higher resolution wav files. Your fans will hear the difference and so will you.

Professional musicians use wav files to record and mix their tracks properly. The best sites that sell beats online offer the instrumentals as individual tracks in wav format at 16 bit and sometimes 24 bit. 16 bit 44 kHz is industry standard "cd quality". Buying beats at this resolution will ensure that you have a top notch, radio ready mix when the production is finished. When you purchase Hip Hop instrumentals that are individual tracks at high resolution, this gives the producer or engineer working on your song the necessary tools to make a professional sounding song.

Sometimes an instrumental you like has a sound or section you don't like. It may be a simple bleep in the verse or a whole bridge of the song. When you buy the beat as a stereo mp3 download or a stereo 16 bit file, you will not be able to change those elements of the song. There is much more flexibility when you download the "tracked out" version of the beat at 16 or 24 bit resolution. You can even re arrange or remix the beat to fit your artistic vision. The producer can also add his own style and effects to the individual tracks so that the beat takes on a unique character. Every artist wants to sound unique even if they are buying beats online. Using the individual tracks at high resolution allows the artist to stand out and give the mix the punch it needs.

When it comes to making your song sound like the songs you hear on the radio, wav files and a competent producer are a must. If the beat is not of the highest quality, you will notice a big difference in the sound of your vocals compared to the beat or instrumental. Your voice will have multiple layers and many different effects. Your vocal tracks will also be recorded at 24 bit and when you compare it to the beat at mp3, you will notice that the beat sounds weak in relation to your vocal performance. When the producer tries to make the beat sound bigger, there is a limit to what he can do before distortion is introduced into the mix. When the music producer has the individual tracks at high resolution, the overall mix will have power and clarity. The number one goal of the artist is to be creative and original, while the goal of the producer or sound engineer is to get a sonically superior product. When looking for Hip Hop beats for sale, be sure you are looking for the highest quality sounds.