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Archive for May 2012

How To Buy Instrumentals Online

When you set out to buy beats online there are many things to consider. Sound quality is one of the most important aspects of any song and if the website you are downloading beats from does not offer .wav versions of your files, then you should consider finding a website that offers the "tracked out" version of the beat in at least 16 bit format or better. This will cost you anywhere from 100 dollars a song on up to 500 for an exclusive beat. Some sites only offer mp3 versions of the instrumental. This will significantly degrade the quality of the overall production of the song.
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How to Mix Music

After the song has been recorded and all the performances have been captured properly, the next step in the music production process is the mix. When tracking modern music, multiple layers are required to get that professional, "radio ready" sound. This multi tracking technique requires many tracks of the same instrument to be recorded and stacked on top of one another. When tracking multiple layers of a vocal, producers must apply different layers of compression and eq to make the layers melt together to make the illusion of one large vocal cutting through the mix. This is not a new technique but it is largely unknown to novice engineers and producers. When applied correctly, this music production technique can give you a very large and loud sounding mix that is comparable with mixes you hear from your favorite artists.
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Music Equipment - The Metronome

When a band makes up it's collective mind to book studio time and record a "few songs", what is the most crucial decision you must make? Where to fit all the groupies in the stretch limo? Should I be seen with Lindsay Lohan at the cd-release party? Don't get too ahead of yourself. The question is - Should I convince my band to play to a metronome (click track)?
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How to Copyright Music

This video shows you how to copyright your music and explains the basics of exclusive rights. All artists who are serious about furthering their career in the music business should know about their rights and limitations as songwriters and performers. The video below outlines a few basic principles that are important to understand when protecting your intellectual property in the music industry
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